SEO Checklist in 2020 Updated

August 13, 2020

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SEO Checklist in 2020 Updated

What is SEO Checklist?

To perform your webpage more effectively and qualitatively, it is important to consider a few things that will help with better optimization of SEO and Google ranking. Navya It has prepared will give you the quality result and get you ahead of your competitors. Our SEO expert team will give you potential traffic and good ranking in Google. Always remember, the quality of your web pages will define the traffic to your work. If you build a poor content with no focused keywords and research, you will not be able to rank high. So to avoid any hassle, our team has prepared an SEO checklist they use while providing service to you.

Let’s peak into it:

Deep Research on Keyword Planning

Firstly, before stepping into any other point, you should have thorough research on keywords. By this, we mean that it is very important to determine the keywords for your website. It helps in optimizing the SEO. You can use Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, Keyword Tool, and many more free tools to optimize your SEO.  

seo checklist - google keyword planner

The advancement of your SEO level depends on the size of your organization, if you work on a small scale, you can make the best use out of free tools. And if the nature of your company demands advancement, you should consider paid tools for focused keywords. The recent advancement in Google algorithms has changed the way we as well search sees keywords. Recent algorithms bring you the terms intent on search terms which means rather than searching keywords in Meta tags and Content, Google will check if the meta tags and content are relevant to the search terms i.e. keywords. 

“First: Focus on searcher intent. This should underpin all of your activities—research, creation, and distribution. What is the searcher really trying to achieve and how is your content helping them reach this goal? – Simon Ensor,”

Use LSI words for your keywords

seo checklist - lsi keywords

LSI- Latent Semantic Indexing. Most people and Webmasters may refer to LSI as synonyms but one thing you need to know is that they are terms that are really close together. And They are not synonyms.

Such as  They are basically the synonym words of the focused keywords to improve SEO traffic, ranking in search results. You can also find tools that can help you generate keyword ideas, like LSIGraph and And the easiest thing you can do is type a keyword in Google search and note down all the related words that pop down. That’s all, you are ready with the list of LSI keywords.

Write Engaging Title for single Content

To make your work highlighted it is important for you to have an engaging title that could summarize. A small and attractive title will encourage the reader to read more. Also, we should keep in mind that for single content where there is only 1 heading it is important to add keywords in it and make it précised. And when you change the paragraphs, make sure that you end it intriguingly, so that the reader is interested in reading the next paragraph.

If you think that writing engaging content is not worth your time then read our articles on “Is Creating Quality Content Worth Your Time

Always wrap the title in H1

By this, we mean, that whenever you write heading 1 that should be focused on the primary keyword. The heading one should be summed with a keyword in it. This helps you get traffic and engagement. Do note that multiple headings on a small content will not make it optimal. Additionally, always try to make it short and to the point that will make your viewer clearer about the subject of the writing.

Original and unique content targeting your audience

Whenever you sit down to develop or create content, always remember that it should be unique and portray your style of writing. Copying other content will not only lose your audience but also will get you a lower rank in Google or at many circumstances you can get banned. Original and unique content will build your existence and trust over your audience and will also help you rank higher with SEO optimization. Furthermore, developing content on the basis of your market nature and audience interest, you will be able to pull potential customers.

Always write your content in simple words

Content has always been one of the important aspects of any SEO Checklist you see out there in the Industry. Actually it all depends on the audience you attract. Mainly, people like to read those content which is meaningful, to the point and informative. Complicated words and manipulation of words in content can lead to the distraction of a reader and content might not be intriguing to them. Segment your writing and give subheading for a clear picture of your writing. So, why not write a simple article and attract potential customers.

Keyword Density must be within 2-3%

When you create content your focus should be to add the keyword into it. But often people are mistaken and they add keywords to every line of the paragraphs but this is not how things work. The density of the focused keyword in the content should be with 2-3 %. this is because of you put more keywords in an article it will be crowed and confusing, to avoid the hassle, and make it clear it’s stated to indulge on 2-3 % of keywords in an article.

Short and Descriptive URLs are always better

As per the SEO optimization, it is always better to keep your URLs short, to the point, and simple. Filing the URLs with unnecessary words or characters, and avoid keyword stuffing. As the work of the URLS is to balance both search engines and users so that it gives an effective result to the viewers. So, a proper domain name should have 50-60 characters with hyphens and lower case for the readable title. 

Focus on Outbound and inbound Links

seo checklist - inbound links

Even though many SEO webmasters claim that links are not important, it is best if you focus on Inbound and Outbound Links.

65% of marketers say link building is the most difficult SEO strategy – Advanced Web Ranking

If you focus and add outbound and inbound links to your work you might be on a favorable side as Google connects the dot from resources to the topic and vice versa. Because these are the reference links on your website that will help the search engine to understand your forte and help you gain the trust and improve the quality of your website. 

Add Schema Markup to increase Search Engine Visibility

Though the name might seem a little technical for you the use of this can be a great help for your webpage. We use schema Markup to help the search engines give more informative results for users. It is similar to rich snippets. It will help the search engines to understand your content in a better way and help your page visibility in the SERPs. You can find details about Structured Data Markup in Schema.