How Design Influences Your Website Traffic & Potential Clients

June 22, 2020

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How Design Influences Your Website Traffic & Potential Clients

The website design generally gets three kinds of responses – Yes, No and Wow ! People strive to upbring that wow reaction in the face of their viewers when they visit the website. So, what kind of power does the design have over website traffic, potential clients as well as unique brand positioning among the proliferated industries.

You might not know about the fact, but the part of design reflects a huge impact on the viewers. It is not just the splash of pretty colors with matching fonds and few visual content to support the website, but it surely is more than that. Even a empty space in a design occupies a huge change in perspective of the client. It is the job of the designer to create something in a way, the client will see it. Best done, when a designer specifically positions the required element in a pattern of visual hierarchy and road map for the client.

So, why does UX Design affect website traffic?

The radical principles of UX design actually lie within the performance of a site. That is the user journey, the micro-moments, the positioning of key elements etc., which all serve to positively affecting cornerstone areas of your online presence, such as:

  • Increasing your conversion rates
  • Lowering your bounce rate
  • Increasing traffic to your website

How Design actually influences Your Website Traffic?


1. Simpler navigation

A website that is easier to navigate with a rather fewer menu option will allow visitors to stick in the site for a longer period of time and search for information they require. Not just this, it brings up another benefit, when visitors tend to stay longer on the website it decreases the bounce rate. The more useful search engines like Google will view your website, giving a push in the search engine search results ranking.

2. Strong message and content

With a website of simple design, you will be allowed to display a strong content and stand out on the page. Stronger the content, longer the visitor tends to be attached with the site which will provide them the information they need at a glance. Visitors tend to be attached to the website where they get the information they want real quick. You might not know but having a strong message can also help in Social Media Engagement.

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3. Call to action (CTA)

The importance that psychology of CTA has, is known by the marketers and designers in this competitive industry. Depending on the nature of the business, CTA can be a button, text, animation, image or video which will drive the visitors to click it. This kind of move is particularly done if you want to give an exact message to the viewer. Make sure the content you have in CTA is rather appealing and try not to annoy the visitors with unnecessary information.